Health care is today considered to be one of the fast developing sectors globally. The advanced scenario has complied customers to insist on access to quality health care. Ehrlich utilities high end technologies and the best professionals to cater to their demand.


The lab has helped pioneer the field of laboratory functional testing. By supporting the practitioner in identifying the root cause of chronic conditions, ehrlich helps them to develop personalized interventions to assist patients in their quest to achieve lasting health.

As  an early adopter of new laboratory science, our dedication to innovation leads us to investigate a variety of new areas thereby providing health practitioners with a comprehensive diagnostic record from which to serve their patients.

Ehrlich laboratory strives to be the point of reference for quality diagnostic care within our region. As flagship for a growing, integrated diagnostic health-care network, we will lead the development of innovative, cost-effective approaches in prevention, primary care and specialty services, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of all.


>> Health for all


79 Years of Healthcare Service

¨ Est. 1938: Oldest private medical laboratory in India

¨ Integrated wellness and preventive health unit serving  > 300 corporate clients, walk in clients, referral labs, clinical trials/ pharma companies etc.

¨ Only stand alone lab in south India accredited by the College of American Pathologists & National Accreditation Board for Laboratories & ISO

¨ Popular and highly respected lab with clients spanning multiple generations

Ehrlich Laboratory celebrates its 79th year anniversary

FOR HOME VISIT PLEASE CALL : 044 -  43 413 413

FOR HOME VISIT PLEASE CALL : 044 -  43 413 413