Haematology: Complete Haemogram by fully automated haemotology analyzer RBC, Hb, WBC, PLT COUNT, ESR, PCV,  MCH, MCHC, MP, MF (QBC), DC, smear Study. Absolute Eosinophils Court, Mantox, Blood Group &Rh type,  Bleeding Time Clothing Time, PT, appt, Coombs test, LE Cells, Lron & IBC, Ferritin, Fibrinogen.

Clinical Pathology: Urine Routine, Pregnancy Test (by ELISA), Motion Analysis, Semen Analysis, CSF Analysis.

Microbiology: Culture & Sensitivity: Body Fluids AFB Culture, Smear, Fungus Culture, Theatre Swabs.

Serology : Leptospircsis: DFM, IgM Dengue: IgG, IgM Tuberculosis:  IgA, IgG, IgM Torch Panel: IgG, IgM HIV: Elisa, Wester bolt VDRL, TPHA, ASO, RA Factor, CRP

Hepatitis Panel: HBs Ag / Anti  HBS HBe Anti HBc total / Anti HBcM Anti HAVAM total Anti HCV Anti HEVM.

PCR Facility: PCR facility, particularly for tuberculosis, HIV, Viral Load Tests and other infectious disease parameters.

Biochemistry: (By fully computerized Auto Analyser) Diabetes Profile, renal Profile, Lipid Profile, Cardiac Profile, Liver Function Profile, Anaemic Profile. TDM Assay, Drugs of Abuse Electrolytes, Lithium.

Endocrinology: Thyroid Free T3, Free T4, TSH T3, T4, Tsh, Thyroid Antibodies,Estradiol, Total HCG

Tumour Marker I: AFP, BHCG, CA-125, CA-15-3, CA-19-9

Tumuor Marker II: PSA, Free PSA, CEA

Adrenal Function: ACTH, Cortiaol, VMA (in urine) 17 ketosteroids (in urine)

Diabetic Panel: Insulin, C-Peptide, HBA 1C, Frucosamine, Urine Micro Albumin

Histopathology: Cytology & FNAC

FASTING BLOOD SUGAR & Glucose Tolerance Test: 12 hourse overmight fasting, Do not take anything excepting water in the morning until your blood sample is drawn.

RANDOM BLOOD SUGAR: Blood sample has no reference to the type of food or the time duration.

POTPRANDIAL BLOOD SUGAR: Blood sample is taken 2 hours after Food for PP (time from the beginning of taking the food)

PP 1˝ If you are a known Diabetic, under treatment, follow the same diet tablets or injection schedule on the day of the test also.

LIPID PROFILE: Avoid all fatty foods & alcohol a day before and come after 14 hours fasting. Early dinner on the previous night around 7.00 p.m.

MASTER HEALTH CHECK UP: Observe same precautions as for Lipid profile. Bring a sample of motion in a small container if required. Follow other instructions as needed for abdomen scan and Tread Mill Test (TMT).

SEMEN ANALYSIS: Four day’s sexualabstinenceis essential before giving a semen sample. The sample should be collected in the laboratory container in laboratory itself. Note collection time and send it to doctor within 20 minutes.

24 HOURS URINE COLLECTION: At a specified time (for example 8.00 a.m.) empty the bladder and discard this (do not collect it in the bottle). NOTE this time After this all the Urine that you pass must go into the container for the next 24 hours until the ‘noted’ time on the next day. (For example 8.00 a.m) The container should reach laboratory as soon as possible. (Note: If the volume exceeds the given container you may use a well-cleaned dry bottle for the last sample).

VMA estimation: Avoid the following for 3 days: Cocoa, chocolates, ice creams & sweets. Avoid drugs;- Aspirin and Nitrofurantin (Furadantin). Avoid fruits like bananas for 3 days.

DRUG ASSAY: (Therapeutic): Tablet taken on the day of the drug test, must be taken after the blood is given. (e.g. Thyroid, Phenytoin, Lithium etc.,)

ULTRASONOGRAM (Scan ) Abdomen:

For Whole Abdomen & Pelvis: Instructions for Female patients: Pass Urine 3 hours before the appointed time & drink 4 to 5 glasses of water.

For Upper Abdomen only: Fasting for 4 hours (Water Coconut Water allowed)

For pelvis & KUB : Bladder to be full – not pass urine for 3 hours. Normal light diet allowed.

TREAD MILL TEST: (Computerized Stress Test): Have a light food 2 hours before the test. Hair on front of Chest to be thoroughly shaved for Male patients. Report half an hour before the test. Please come with an attendant. Bring your Resting ECG,   X-Rays  and other blood reports.

X-RAY: Plain X-Ray Abdomen and KUB: Patient must avoid fatty food on the previous night. Take 2 tablets of  DULCOLAX and 2 tablets of DISTENIL at bedtime. Come in the morning with empty stomach, after passing Urine. Take instructions for IVP and Barium meal tests with the prior appointment

For other tests, kindly contact your physician or write to us at: info@ehrlichlaboratory.com


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