Our department of histopathology is equipped with state of the art equipment with highly specialized, skilled diagnosticians to translate technology to valuable clinical insights and contribute to patient care. Extensive expertise in Anatomic and Histopathology including of Nephro-pathology, Neuropathology Onco-pathology, Hepato-pathology and Cytology

Nueberg has gained a reputation for preparing excellent paraffin-embedded, hematoxylin and eosin stained sections as well as special stained sections. A wide range of specimens are handled with skilled expertise including bone marrow biopsies, surgical resections and biopsies, dermatology biopsies, tissue obtained at autopsy, second opinion consultation, and a wide variety of research specimens

With India’s first and only digital pathology center in Bangalore, with enhanced capabilities in case of tissue diagnostics, providing whole image analysis, high resolution image review and scoring features to help our pathologist provide the most accurate results

Neuberg group consists Innovators and pioneers in introducing Automation, Digital Pathology, Image analytics, Immunofluorescence, rapid tissue processing and Liquid based cytology in the region. We are well recognized as early adopters of

  • The first installation of the Xpress tissue processor 50 which can enable pathological tissue processing within 2 hours which help us save time and provide valuable insights during surgeries and other medical procedures where time plays a pivotal role in patient management.
  • We were the first to introduce the FDA approved instrument for Liquid based cytology a central requirement for cervical cancer screening programs.