Quality is the foundation on which Neuberg Ehrlich is built. With a CAP and NABL certification, you are assured of world class standards and globally accepted reports. The laboratory processes are subject to periodic audits from external and internal assessors. The stringent control on processes through well documents SOPs enhance laboratory functions, staff confidence and results in the best enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction.

Quality Motto

Inspired by Geography

United by Technology

Dedicated to Community

Governed by Quality.


Quality Policy Statement

The management and staff of Neuberg Diagnostics are committed to total user satisfaction by,

  • Providing a wide range of medical laboratory testing facilities that satisfy the requirements of patients, treating physicians and allied stake holders.
  • Providing best in class services through good laboratory practice, world class technology, trained, competent, educated human resource and lean, user friendly processes, keeping in mind, patient care as top priority.

To achieve the above, the Neuberg quality system has developed specific policies, processes and procedures.




Neuberg Diagnostics has established a list of quality objectives that are

  1. a) Derived from the quality policy statement
  2. b) Specific – is distinct and defines the goal clearly
  3. c) Measurable – to enable objective data to be obtained as an improvement tool
  4. d) Assignable – to identify the persons responsible for this activity
  5. e) Realistic – to be challenging yet attainable
  6. f) Time-based
  7. g) Reviewed periodically (at least once a year) to ensure compliance with the policy statement.

The quality objectives are communicated to the relevant staff and are sequentially selected and measured to provide data that would act as a quality indicator.

The objectives are,

  1. 1. Define the number of new tests that would be added for a set period (quarter) and follow up its effective implementation.
  2. 2. To design effective human resource hiring, training and competence evaluation mechanisms to cover various aspects of the quality management system and operations while maintaining relevant records as evidence.
  3. 3. To design and periodically review different processes (pre-examination, examination, post-examination) and monitor their effectiveness by way of reduced errors, improved TAT and customer feedback
  4. 4. To ensure that all the tests being performed are quality assured through adequate internal QC and external QA activities and to monitor and audit the performance in each of them
  5. 5. To identify and analyze new technologies and draw out a plan to introduce them on a time bound as well as need basis.

Nueberg Ehrlich participates in both Internal and External Quality Control Programs with our group laboratories and CMC Vellore. Periodic training and continuous medical education programs for the staff ensure that the team stays abreast with the latest developments in the laboratory medicine in terms protocols, processes and technology.