About us


To helm the battle against disease by putting the most advanced diagnostics tests within the reach of the common man across the globe


  • Unite like-minded & leading labs across major cities of the developing world.
  • Promote Wellness and Early Diagnosis while ensuring Ethical Principles & Tender Loving Care.
  • Become the most respected Diagnostic Chain in Asia & Africa by deployment of new-gen technology operated by best-in- class laboratory professionals.
  • Direct Presence through partnership with innovators in USA & Europe to ensure close interactions between the West & East to bring latest technologies within the reach of the common man.

Management Team

Dr. G.S.K. Velu

Founder Chairman

A. Ganesan

Director Finance

Dr. Sujay Prasad

Medical Director

Dr. Sandip Shah

Executive Director

K. Anand

Group Chief Executive Officer

Executive Leadership Team:

  • Dr. Jatinder Bhatia

    Director - Laboratory Services

  • Arun Mathur

    Chief Information Officer

  • Bhaskar Ghosal

    Sr. Vice President - Commercials.

  • K. Sundaram

    Vice President - Finance

  • Novella Maria Lawrence

    Associate Vice President - Marketing

Neuberg Ehrlich Leadership Team

  • Indra Subramaniam

    Vice Chairman

  • Sandhya Subramaniam


  • Dr. Sandhya Phadke

    Chief of Lab Services

  • Dr. R. Selvakumar

    Director - Lab Services

  • Dr. Mallikarjuna

    Chief Pathologist - Histopathology

Technical Team

  • Dr. Pradeep H

    Consultant Pathologist

  • Dr. Uma Sekar

    Consultant Microbiologist

  • Dr. Sowmiya.M,

    Consultant Molecular Microbiologist

  • Dr. Elakkiya K

    Consultant Pathologist

  • Dr. Selvakumar

    Consultant Biochemist

  • Dr. Sarada V

    Consultant Pathologist

  • Dr. Thilagavathy S

    Consultant Microbiologist

  • Dr. Rashmi Verma

    Consultant Pathologist

  • Dr. Ragavendran

    Manager - Quality Assurance